Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Schnauzer Cut!

Gas price has not shown a sign of going down and the littlest expense has become a significant one. So in the spirit of keeping our money in our pocket, I attempted something I had never done before, which is to groom my Mini Schnauzer myself. 

Olive, my Mini Schnauzer was in dire need of a haircut. Her fur has become so bushy it was hard to spot where her head was. Her last haircut was in January, almost 4 months ago. She was always panting because in most Spring days Houston were getting super hot.

The thing was, her grooming usually cost us $50 something after tip. I had been going back and forth about taking her to the salon until I had the idea of doing the grooming myself. Well, at least the haircut. So I did some research on the internet, found videos on youtube on "how to groom your Schnauzer" and I bravely tried to do it.

I spent 3 straight hours standing with Olive's hair all over me, got backache afterward, but it was totally worth it. Olive was calm and stayed docile, although at times she was demanding to get off the table to stretch her legs and play with my other dogs. I let her. Then we would be back again with her fur. Slowly but surely Olive started to look like a Schnauzer.

My husband came home and praised Olive new look. I asked for $50. He laughed, obviously thinking that I was kidding. I was not. Short to say he was impressed. Damn, I was impressed!

It is not the most perfect Schnauzer cut, I believe I have a battalion of Schnauzer lovers screaming amen to that, but still, I did that myself, I managed to save up some money and Olive seems to like her new do. Now she struts it like no one's business.

Olive Before

Olive After



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