Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Belize, Here We Come!

My husband and I are going to Belize tomorrow. We are so excited, it's crazy!

We've planned the vacation for almost 1,5 months now and I can't believe that the big day is tomorrow. I will write all about Belize when I come back.

Tickets: check!
Trekking shoes: check!
Swimsuits: check!

We are going trekking, cave tubing, Maya ruins touring, diving, snorkeling, and basically having the best of time. I hope the universe conspires. Amen.

See you next week! Have a great 4th of July!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For Your Babies!

It finally rains! After weeks of no rain and pure heat, it finally rains. In addition to the beautiful rain, I just got wonderful news that a very dear friend of mine is pregnant. A celebration is in order. To start, I want to share this song, written by Mick Hucknall 15 years before he became a father himself.

I am cooking Sumo Salmon Miso Soup today. I think it will make a good comfort food in this kind of weather.

Have a cozy Wednesday, everyone. Stay safe!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Like Living in Houston. Why?

I was having a Blackberry Messenger chat with my mom the other day when she asked me the three things that made me happy to be in Houston. The three things I like most about living here.

I usually bitch about the things I don't like and I guess at one point my mom found it intolerable for her to have such a negative minded daughter. Well, in my defense, I was not being negative. Just.. honest.

Anyway, she asked me the question and I began thinking. Answering "husband" and "marriage" would be such a cliche, because well, the guy is not limited to be my husband in Houston only. So I put those two answers in my "Things I am Grateful for in Life" (invisible) box.

Finally I reached three answers. Which were: my dogs, yoga and sensible traffic. Now I want to add more to the list, because really, those three answers were on top of my head at that time and I have more things to say.

The things I like about living in Houston:

1. Dog Parks

OK, I know that other cities or states might possibly have better dog parks, but I am just grateful for the   presence of ANY dog park. We don't actually have a dog park in Indonesia. Well, we don't even have that many parks for people! To be outdoor and have my dogs running freely with other dogs is just a sight that brings that fuzzy warm feeling to my heart.

2. Abundant Physical Activities

Since I moved to Houston I have been exposed to so many physical activities that I would never even think of doing when I was in Indonesia. As you know I started yoga last year and have been doing it religiously twice a week since then. When I was still living in Indonesia the thought of doing yoga came to my mind so many times, but I just never did it. It was excuse after excuse and I just never started. The second activity is biking. My husband and I bought folding bikes and have been biking in parks. I would never bike in Jakarta. No way. The pollution level and how people drive and use the streets are enough reasons for me to throw away that idea. Not that it ever crossed my mind. Haha. My husband now golf almost every week and he seems to really enjoy it. It gives him and his friends a reason to hangout without the presence of beer or other liquor. Last but not least, diving. Husband and I are getting our diving certificate and we are going to start exploring Texas, underwater-ly.

3. Half Price Book Store

Yes, I know there are Half Price Book Store all over the country, but my point is just the wonderful presence of this kind of book store. It is simply heaven. Great books in good condition with half of the publisher price are just awesome. I sometimes just go there to relax and feel at home. The presence of book shelf after book shelf is just heavenly to me.

4. Shopping Outlets

I'm not much of a shopping kind of girl. I rarely shop and when I do, I try to find places that are inexpensive, but fit my taste and style. Houston has two huge shopping outlets. One is a premium shopping outlet with international fashion brands and what not. There are also Ross, Marshall's and TJ Maxx. Not too shabby.

I think that's about it. Haha. I thought I was going to have more than just 4, but I guess not. So there you go, reasons why I like living in Houston. There are 7 reasons if you count my first 3 answers. And yes, the first three answers are why I genuinely love living here.