Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cancun and My Newly Found Appreciation for a Little House Music

I think Cancun broke me. I now listen to House music and actually able to enjoy it. Oh, dear God!

We came back from Cancun almost two weeks ago and I have been enjoying House music often once in a while, between my adoration towards Jack Johnson and India Arie. My taste of music has always been anything but up-to-date.

We weren't really partying every single night while we were in Cancun, but we did, however, stayed in a "social hostel". That translated to a hostel in which they played loud House music every single night when travelers from all over the world gathered over a long table for dinner and later continued the night to a place that played the same kind of music louder. Much louder.

I was at first extremely bugged by the fact that the hostel started playing the music around 6.30 in the evening and continued to much later in the night. Nonetheless, I am never one that let noises and sounds bother my sleep or my needing of sleep. So I could still sleep soundly. It was just they were playing the same playlist night after night and we stayed there for 5 nights! The songs were not of my liking, but I managed to memorized the words anyway and secretly waiting for certain songs to be played.

So here I am now, having a "House music" genre on my Pandora playlist. Cancun definitely broke me. Anyways, here is one of the songs that they constantly played in the hostel and now stuck in my head 24/7.