Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Belly Yoga

When everything else fails, this works. 

Pregnancy comes with backache, stabbing pain on the soles of the feet, and an all around tightness on the body. Oh, and the anxiety! Also the scattered thoughts and the need to just lie down. All. The. Time. 

Yoga -and I really am not trying to be a smart ass zen master here- has helped me through this pregnancy by just giving me the outlet to move slowly and mindfully. To just stretch and be OK with whatever I have running in my thoughts. I haven't gotten the meditation part quite right yet. And I'm not concerned about that because the more one fights the thoughts, the eager they are to invade the rest of the sane part of the brain. So I'm letting go. Let those thoughts come. I'm OK with not taking any action.

My most favorite poses during pregnancy are the downward dog, cat-cow, and pigeon. My camera battery ran out when I did the first two so I'll upload it tomorrow or when I feel like it. The baby seems to enjoy the movements so I guess I'll keep doing them until the moment I have to pop her out. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pregnancy Rant - Because at One Point I Just Need to Accept That I'm Just Human

I am now in my 26th week. It's now obvious that I am indeed pregnant. Weight gained: 12 lbs. Some might say that is not a lot. I beg to differ. I'm 4'11" and used to weight 104 lbs. So it is actually quite a weight for me. 

I'm at the end of my second trimester. The trimester where it is mostly about sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. You're showing, but not too much and your energy is just off the roof. My mood used to be almost always terrific. Right now, though, I think I'm going downhill. I get irritated very easily, especially while driving (which is not good!). I've always been easily irritated by ignorance and impoliteness on the road, but now my tolerance level is just pretty damn low. And people are getting more stupid by the minute! I curse all the time. Sorry my unborn baby, but your momma has a foul mouth. We need to deal with this.

And other things irritate me too. I really don't want to dwell on this, making everything out of proportion, creating dramas that need not exist. But some people just really get on my nerve. And I worry about this because old wives' tale says that you cannot dislike someone so badly when you're pregnant lest your child turning to be exactly like them. And these people that get on my nerve were not my most favorite people before I got pregnant. But I used to be able to just brush off the things they do and put my mind elsewhere. It is not that easy now. I feel like just avoiding them and not interact with them at all. Unfortunately that is not possible. So I really really need to manage this emotion.

This rant is getting long and useless. And I feel big. I look big. Not that I care, but my back and feet do. I am not ready to have this baby yet (obviously!), but now I understand what other pregnant women are saying about pregnancy being tough. I think it's mostly the emotion. And how your feet hurt. And your back. And how there is no comfortable sleeping position. And have I mentioned the feet?

I hope better days are upon me. I don't want to feel like this for the rest of my pregnancy. I really do still want to enjoy it. I want to look big, round, and glowing.

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