Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Belly Yoga

When everything else fails, this works. 

Pregnancy comes with backache, stabbing pain on the soles of the feet, and an all around tightness on the body. Oh, and the anxiety! Also the scattered thoughts and the need to just lie down. All. The. Time. 

Yoga -and I really am not trying to be a smart ass zen master here- has helped me through this pregnancy by just giving me the outlet to move slowly and mindfully. To just stretch and be OK with whatever I have running in my thoughts. I haven't gotten the meditation part quite right yet. And I'm not concerned about that because the more one fights the thoughts, the eager they are to invade the rest of the sane part of the brain. So I'm letting go. Let those thoughts come. I'm OK with not taking any action.

My most favorite poses during pregnancy are the downward dog, cat-cow, and pigeon. My camera battery ran out when I did the first two so I'll upload it tomorrow or when I feel like it. The baby seems to enjoy the movements so I guess I'll keep doing them until the moment I have to pop her out.