Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spicy Maya: The Sexiest, Most Sensual Chocolate Bar Ever

I've never been much of a chocolate person. I don't go crazy over chocolate and I rarely (almost never) crave for them. Especially not those (too) sweet chocolate. Na ah. But I am now a self proclaimed chocolate addict. Well, only for one kind of chocolate that is. The Spicy Maya by Chuao Chocolatier.

It was an innocent trip down the coffee-tea-chocolate aisle in HEB (a nearby grocery store) on a fine Tuesday morning. I suddenly had the urge for some dark chocolate, because dark chocolates are actually healthy, you know. So there I was, with health in mind, went looking for a chocolate bar. There were a lot of brands. Mostly well known and some are less known. Those unknown brands were sporting big tempting words like "organic" and "natural" with cheetahs and forests on their packaging. I was instantly drawn to them. One stood out though. This one had no animals or plants on its packaging. Its wrap was shiny red and it had words that I had never seen on a chocolate bar before: Spicy. So I gave the it a try. Spicy chocolate sounded phenomenal.

From the first bite it was indeed phenomenal. The combination of flavors, the spiciness, the warmth it gave to my mouth, everything was absolutely phenomenal. So I went to HEB again today and found only one bar left. I went home and immediately went online to find the company responsible for my spicy chocolate addiction and there it was, the Chuao Chocolatier.

Chuao is pronounced chew-WOW and it is the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States and Southern California’s premier artisan chocolatier. Chuao is all about mixing the unusual to create a delicious, out-of-this-world taste. The Spicy Maya is Chuao signature flavor, mixing dark chocolate with pasilla chile, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. It is a deadly and genius combination.

I've been wanting to describe the taste as sex in your mouth, but somehow it just always feels inappropriate, no matter how I put it. But all jokes aside and with all seriousness, it is.. really... like sex in your mouth. There, I said it! Ha!

They have more unusual and interesting flavors like -believe you me- Potato Chips in Chocolate bar that combines lightly salted kettle potato chips with milk chocolate, or the Firecracker Chocolate bar which is premium dark chocolate with chipotle, salt and popping candy (how awesome is that?).

Visit their website: Chuao Chocolatier to shop for their extraordinary chocolates.



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  1. minta royalti din dr si chocolatiernya, krn km berhasil buat aku kepengen berat si coklat spicy ini! :D