Monday, July 9, 2012

Post Vacation Hangover

We just got back from Honduras. I always get post vacation hangover after every vacation (obviously). Sickness, rather. This time it is quite severe.

We spent one week in West End. It is an area in the small island of Roatan in Honduras. Life was great there. At least for that whole week. I was chained to my daily overdose of Gilmore Girls (and of course Rory and Jess) before we went to Roatan. I even had my eyes glued to the Gilmore Girls fanfiction until the very moment our plane had to leave. It was insane that I managed to not want to be connected to the internet or not crying over not having TV in the room.

I was perfectly content with the two books I brought from home. It had been awhile since I could actually really read and sleep! We always fell asleep around 9 there and wake up around 6 or 7, excited for the dives we were going to do for the day. There was not much to do there except diving and just chilling. We met really cool people while we were there, the one thing I always love about traveling.

We tried to keep every purchase in budget although we sometime went overboard with eating, as we always do. Nonetheless we managed to find a small place that sold good local food with such cheap price. Aris even learned Spanish just by us hanging out there almost everyday.

We never really stayed in one place for more than 3 nights and just dove, so this last vacation of ours was special. We did so many dives that at the end we felt so comfortable with the divemasters it felt like we were diving with friends. And they were attentive without being too nice.

Aris has been talking about doing another dive trip, destination to be announced later. He is even thinking about getting a one year leave after he finishes his PhD to travel. I'm all for that. Being back in Houston automatically sucked the energy from us. I know that's not right. That it's not about where you are, but rather how you are. Or something like that. That doesn't sound "quote-worthy" enough so I'm guessing it doesn't actually go that way. The sentence.

Anyway, we are back in Houston and I have tons of things to do. One of my dogs has just decided that she no longer wants to do her "business" outside. So I need major cleaning up to do. Loads of laundry, long grocery list, a yoga class to teach in 5 hours, and I don't feel like moving. And it's raining outside. I just want to crawl back to bed, have my Aris next to me and sleep until Saturday. I'm not ready to be back. Oh, will I ever?

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