Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh Yeah!

I nailed the COMPASS test!

I did -quoting the academic advisor- AWESOME on every section. Even the math. The lowest score I got was for the trigonometry and I still did quite good. I aced the English reading and writing. The person that read my essay even told me that I should be a writer. I feel so good about myself. It is like having a shot of self esteem just injected to my veins. Sometimes it does take a piece of paper to make me realize my self worth.

At times I would sometimes feel like my intelligence rate had dropped significantly. It was not just about not getting an academic upgrade per se, but mostly about not really giving my brain a real challenge. I do think SUDOKU counts as a challenge, but there is always that 'play again' button when I suck. The test, on the other hand, really scared the hell out of me. This test was an equivalent of an SAT and to fail would be such a slap on the face. Fortunately I scored at college level. The thought of failing made my stomach churned, but when I was actually facing the computer screen with all those questions I was absolutely on a high. I loved it! Dear God, I am such a nerd.

So the next step is getting my transcript evaluated and hopefully some credits can be transferred. Then it is back to school for me. Yipee!

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