Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Morning at Its Best!

I did not realize how much time I had for myself before Lila came along. To think about the things I could easily do then make me smile now. Even grocery shopping or heck, going to the restroom, is tricky now. I had too much time for my own good then!

I am just going through the posts in this blog and reading every thing all over again. Don't get me wrong, I love Lila more than I love life itself and definitely more than this blog, but man do I miss writing and yoga. Not doing yoga at home with the aid of Youtube, but going to classes. More specifically, my teacher's yoga classes. I also miss teaching them.

Writing is something I can do just with a pen and paper. The part of writing I miss the most is the where I am alone with my laptop and music that can get me in the mood to write. Also those times in between writing where I could just gaze into nothing and let my head think (or go wild) in peace. Like now. Oh how I'm cherishing this moment. It's lacking coffee (because we ran out), but still this is a glorious time for me. Lila and Aris are still sleeping (because it's Sunday and it's 6.20 AM) and I have the house (aside from the bedroom) all for myself. Even the dogs are still too lazy to bug me. Any moment Lila can wake up and demand breakfast. But it hasn't happened and so I'm just enjoying this. This peace and quiet. This moment with my laptop and tunes that get me going.

Sunday morning at its best!

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