Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cold Sunday and Dogs with Full Ammos

It's been precisely 32 days since I arrived in Houston. It's still winter here. Somedays are pretty warm and others are just damn cold!

It may be a lot worse on the east side of the country, for there is no snow here in Houston, but still, I'm a tropical girl that enjoys sunshine and casual rains. Rainy days in Houston suck. It's cold and it's damp and the dogs hesitate to go outside to do their business. Thus I'm stuck with two dogs with full ammunition, ready to "bomb" various spots in my home.

My husband and I love dogs, so we adopted two around three weeks ago from Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP). We named the first one "Sausage". She is 4 years old and a mix of beagle and corgi. She is short, long and well built. The other one is "Trippy". She is a 9 months old dachsund mix. Her left eye is practically blind, because her eye ball did not developed perfectly. She is stubborn and lovable at the same time. She just loves to cuddle and make you feel really important. When she is up and awake, though, she is a nightmare. She munches and eats everything. Her stubbornness only makes her even more determined to chum, eventhough she can hear us constantly telling (and screaming) "NO".

Taking my dogs out to do their business is one of my main activity these days. My husband is the "Honey, the dog just poop! Do you want me to get you a plastic bag?" type of husband. So yeah, I know which poop belongs to which dog. Not that sexy, I know, but that's the truth. I even know when the dogs want to go. I can even tell whether Trippy, our dachsund is pooping or peeing, even if I only observe from afar. Here's the thing; when she pees, her tail would point upwards and when she poops, her tail would go really straight to the back. It's hilarious, really.

Well, it's a cold cold Sunday today and we're planning on having really good steak tonight. Thanks to the Man v. Food on Travel Channel. Have a great Sunday everyone. Try to stay warm!


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