Monday, February 1, 2010

Money Talks

Back home, people could get away with almost anything. Tickets for reckless driving included. 

What speed limit? There's a stop sign? What does a stop sign even mean? Screw the pedestrians! And Mr. Police Officer sir, please let me go, I really don't have time to go to court, and I'm new in this area, and I'm really in a hurry, and I'm blind, and I'm a woman, and I really don't give a damn, and I only have twenty thousands rupiah (approximately $2) with me. Will that work for you?

Yes, money talks in Indonesia. No matter how hard some people try to shush it, it still yaps. Sad but true. Well, almost 180 on the contrary, money talks here too, but through channels that are making the government and hands of law have pride and dignity towards its people. My husband and I just paid $146 for a ticket that he got for speeding. Ten percent above the speed limit that is. We paid the ticket online and plead guilty for the charge, so we can just skip the trial altogether. Yes, he was indeed guilty. Guilty for speeding and making us spend $146 for something that could be avoided. 

My house is a mess today. I skipped any cleaning activities during the weekend. Now I shall reap the fruits of my labor (or lack there of). 


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