Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunny Saturday and Kemah!

It was a wonderful sunny Saturday (yesterday) in Houston. It was warm and the temperature was just perfect. So, obviously, we need to go outside and embrace the sun. And we did!

We started the day by taking the dogs out for a walk. This time, further than we have ever gotten. The two dogs were excited indeed. It was a good workout for me and my husband too. We met Scrappy, a boxer and his owner, Juan that live in the same areas as us. The dog was walking without a leash, but he didn't go frantic over people. Juan said that Scrappy never bark. That was how nice Scrappy was.

Later in the afternoon we decided to go to Kemah Boardwalk with two other friends. Kemah Boardwalk is a seaside destination that is filled with restaurants, hotel and amusement rides. They have 11 m carousel, 20 m ferris wheel, railway, and the Boardwalk Bullet which is a really big a wooden roller coaster. It used to be the next big thing after the Six Flags in Houston. Since the Six Flags is now closed, Boardwalk Bullet is the one to beat right now. Kemah Boardwalk is only an hour away from Houston.

We had dinner at The Flying Dutchman and ended the night with a cup of coffee. I had Broiled Seafood Platter. The dish had crab cake, fish, shrimps, scallops and crab legs in it. It was served with rice and boiled vegetables. It was pretty good for a $21 something dish. I cleaned the plate. Obviously.

I also had 1/2 dozen fresh oysters as appetizer. The dish had a clean taste and no foul after taste. The garlic and chili sauce helped making it even more delicious. My husband had Rib Eye Steak. We ate on the seashore, in a seafood restaurant with endless options of (what looked like) delicious seafood dish on the menu and he ordered.... steak! The man is a hardcore carnivore indeed.

Overall, it was a fun day. Especially because before going home, I bought Funnel Cake for dessert. It is a standard food in any American amusement park. It is basically some kind of doughnut batter, poured upon really hot oil and then served with lots and lots of powder sugar. I don't have the pic though. It was finished in a heartbeat. Next time. Promise.


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