Thursday, February 4, 2010

Girls, Cupcakes and Sake

Good girl friends, yummy dessert, sushi, two glasses of sake bomb, and endless conversation on a wonderful afternoon are answers to brighten up my day in Houston.

As the new girl in H-Town, it is best for me to take every invitation offered. So I did. On weekdays when our husbands are at work, Asa and Mimut, my new girl friends and I usually opt to catch up over coffee or cupcake. And sometimes sushi and sake. A small Japanese restaurant called Oishii has Happy Hour after 3 pm and yes, drinks are half price too. So go figure.

As far as cupcakes go, the best one I've tasted so far is located here in Houston. The store is called Crave Cupcakes and it is one of the cutest store ever. The cupcakes are a bit expensive, but absolutely delicious. They charge $3 and up for a single cupcake. I am right now addicted to their Red Velvet Cupcake. It tastes just right. Perfection. Please check out their website here.


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