Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rita's Cafe

Houston has endless food options. It has foods from all over the globe! Yesterday I got to taste some handmade Lebanese cuisine at Rita's Cafe, a small cozy restaurant near my house.

Cafe Rita is run by a couple of middle aged folks, man and wife, George and Rita. They are Lebanese and have been here in Houston for 31 years. The restaurant itself has operated for 14 years. They used to have another branch, but it was closed.

The restaurant has an old-school-no-fool vibe to it. The owners obviously don't really care that much about the decor or theme. In pride of their heritage, they have pictures and flags of the country they originated from. The most striking personality of the restaurant comes from George himself. He is absolutely a delightful old guy with an accent that makes him even more interesting.

"Hello lady, what do you want to have today? We have beef shawarma, kebab, and you can choose two side dishes if you choose shawarma," George greeted me right away as I entered the restaurant. I went for the beef shawarma (Greeks called this dish "gyro"). The dish had rice with vermicelli, grilled beef and yogurt sauce. I chose fried eggplant and hummus as my sides and enjoyed the hummus with flat bread. I love the hummus. I then ended my meal with Finger Baklawa as the dessert. It is a small and very sweet Lebanese cookie, sprinkled with pistachio on top of it.

I will definitely come back. Yes, for the hummus, baklawa and George.


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