Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are You Smarter Than a Dachsund?

Apparently, I am not.

Here's the thing. We do not trust our dogs being inside the house without our supervision. A few accidents have become proves of how these two are not to be trusted. So when we go out or when we go to bed, we cage them inside the kitchen. We used to only use a cardboard to attain them in the desired area, but as days gone by, they, our little Dachsund Trippy to be precise, has found ways to escape.

So last night, we built a barricade of sofa, chairs, bar stools and even human sized punching bag to keep our dogs inside the kitchen. Our corgeagle (corgi and beagle) was trying hard to jump and escape, but failed miserably. Trippy was rather cool about the whole thing. A bit panicked, but mostly focused on her new rawhide bone. And then we went to bed feeling rather victorious.

At 5.00 am our alarm rang. I turned to my husband and there she was, our beloved Trippy. Laying face up, snuggling between the two of us, trying to keep herself warm. The pooch didn't even move when I woke up, feeling pretty pissed off. She just kept sleeping with a somewhat, victorious face.

The baricade was still intact. Sausage was in the kitchen, looking devastated. I really don't know what I should do now. I'm going out with a friend this afternoon and I refuse to let the dogs roam my house freely. No way.


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