Friday, March 11, 2011


Husband and I went to Austin last Monday until yesterday. He had a conference and I tagged along just because I can. Ha!

I liked the city. It was so quirky and the food scene was great. I just wish we had more time, because I had so many things on my list that did not come true. So I will surely be going back there again! For now, here are some pictures I took.

Mansions on top of a hill. Austin is hilly and it's beautiful.

My husband took this picture. It's a hanging statue from a restaurant called OASIS in Lake Travis

The view from OASIS patio.

OASIS - Lake Travis

Gourdough's has the best and most unique donuts I've ever tasted. - South Lamar St

Mouth-watering menu at Gourdough's

Mother Clucker - Donut with fried chicken and honey butter. Super delicious!

Craney - Underneath those caramelized apple, peanuts, caramel sauce and cream, there is a donut. Yumm!

Pork Belly Slider from Odd Duck Farm to Trailer - This is sooooo good!

In front of Uchi, a Japanese restaurant. A really good Japanese restaurant.

My husband randomly bought a ukulele and can't stop playing since.

Austin, I'm definitely coming back!



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