Saturday, December 21, 2013

West End, I Want to Come Back

It is our last night in West End, Roatan. I want to come back and yet I have not left. 

A new club/restaurant is having its grand opening tonight. Fireworks have been coloring the dark sky for the last 30 minutes. All I can think of are the dogs. How they must be terrified of the sounds. 

There are a lot of dogs here at West End. They all belong to someone. Most of the time we just don't know who, but they do, they really do. I guess that is the other thing that I absolutely love about West End. People love dogs and dogs are allowed to have fun here. I feel like I belong here just because of that.

West End is known for being more affordable compared to other areas in Roatan. Most backpackers go here to chill and dive. Utila, the party island, is a ferry ride away, but West End is also known to have some good parties. Getting drunk seems to be on almost everyone's list that come here. Aris and I prefer to be on the downlow. He has been working on his thesis when we are not diving and I prefer to read. Alcohol is not actually cheap here so we prefer to use our money for better things.

The weather has been perfectly gorgeous these last 2 days. We have been diving because doing anything else would be a crime. 

I absolutely love diving West End. The area might not have big pelagics, but the reefs are pretty and healthy and very much alive. The dives are always relaxing and fun. The marine life is colorful and made up by interesting sea creatures. And when you jump into the water, something will bound to make you smile. 

Gosh, now I make me want to dive again. 


  1. Happy new year, Din!
    Haven't doing much with my blog, haven't done anything at all with my own blog until recently, which should explain why now I just showed up out of nowhere!
    Anyway, wishing you a year filled with happiness, love, health and more of 'dem good things! :D


    1. Happy new year, Yuni!

      I love that you showed up from nowhere and also added a new post on your blog. Oh, and I think being a barista is pretty damn cool, even though you're just on your way to something bigger and better. Hey, the talent to make a good cup of coffee will always come handy.

      Same best wishes to you and your loved ones! I hope you're staying warm there.