Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter and Whatnot

It's winter here and it's been pretty cold the last few days, around 30 something Fahrenheit. That's already single digit degree Celcius. I'm just thankful that there is no snow in this part of the country.

I don't feel as cold now as when I first arrived here a year ago. I guess I have somewhat adapted, though will never be in love with winter. Nevertheless, it is a good time to take pictures. Everything is either gloomy and white or dry and falling from the trees. So I took some pictures using my old iphone and jazz them up a bit using instagram. Do you use instagram? It's absolutely fun!

Here are a few pics that I took when I walked the dogs this morning. Enjoy and do try instagram!

Have a great January everyone! I hope winter is treating you nicely wherever you are.




  1. Hello, a fried of Rini's.
    Halah. :))
    I just have to tell you this.
    You took 'em yourself?
    The iPhone instagram thingy?

  2. Hi Unee! Thanks! Yes, with my old iphone. Instagram is super fun, making any mediocre pic look absolutely cool. :D