Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frosted Houston

It's been really really cold this past week. Freezing actually! A winter storm hit some states in the US and luckily Houston was among the least affected. 

Nevertheless, we had to endure hard freeze. Houston was frosted. Drops of rain from the day before turned to ice and roads were extremely icy. People were sent home from schools and work. It was exactly last week on a Thursday and Friday that we stayed inside and did not even think of going outside. The temperature was below 0 Celsius. It was between -6 and -2 Celsius. I am a tropical girl so that was torturing!

Anyway, knowing the hard freeze was coming, I suddenly had the urge to bake a cake. It was pretty random, since I never in my life tried to bake a cake. Well, I was a brownie lady at my campus for a while. I made them myself and people seemed to love them. But brownies are different. They did not need to be fluffy and pretty. Brownies are literally failed cake.

I went looking for a Red Velvet Cake recipe online and I found one here: Red Velvet Cake Recipe. And to not put your hopes too high up, mine was not as pretty as hers. In my defense, I did not use (or own) an electric mixer. My right hand and its muscles went numb after doing all those mixing. Now that we have got that out in the open, let's move along.

My cake came out decent. To be totally honest, it was not moist enough for me. Something was wrong. I like to assume the absence of mixer as the cause. Nonetheless, my husband liked the cake. He kept asking for more. Indeed, it made me very happy. I am determined to make another Red Velvet Cake though. A delicious and melt-in-your mouth Red Velvet Cake.




  1. huaaaa this is my fav too andini,,
    oia, biar dapet warna merah yang oke, selain pake food coloring, coba pake jus bit.
    waktu awal aku bikin si RVC ini sampe ngabisin 1/2 food coloring nya Wilton, dan jujur aja walau judul nya aman, tapi aga ngeri juga pake banyak2 pewarna,,, jadi aku campur pake jus bit.

    ech nanti aku posting deh si RVC deh, uda lama juga ga bikin, nyelesain pesenan kue dulu...
    *comot sepotong*

  2. Oh pake jus bit ya, Nthie? Baiklah akan aku coba. Soalnya khawatir jg kok food coloring nya buanyak banget. Trus kira2 itu kenapa ya kok RVC ku kurang lembut dan agak keras?