Saturday, March 6, 2010

Battle of The Burgers

Texas is home to the greatest steaks and burgers. It is truly a carnivore paradise. Personally in Houston, there are two burger joints that are absolutely must-go-to. The first one is Sam's Deli, and the second is Becks Prime. It does not necessarily go in that order. 

The Sam's Deli that I went to was located on 11637 Katy Freeway. It has a diner feel to it and mostly cater to younger crowd because it is relatively cheap. I mean seriously, it's cheap. Do not compare it to those ordinary fast food restaurants though, because even with its cheap price, Sam's Deli does not negotiate with quality. The foods are delicious and greasy and sinful. You will get two big juicy burgers, one chili dog, one chili cheese fries, and a glass of milk shake from any Blue Bell ice cream for around $20. 

Becks Prime is a chain restaurant and fortunately, one is located near our home on Dairy Ashford and I-10. The burger joint spreads a delicious aroma to its surroundings from the meat and poultry they're grilling. I love this place because hands down, they serve really really good burgers. Oh, and fries too!

My husband loves Becks Prime's California Burger. It has beef patty, Swiss cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, and lettuce in it. I on the other hand is willing to try anything on the menu, from Chili Chese Burger to Blue Cheeseburger that uses (obviously) Blue Cheese in it. I really can't decide which one is my favorite yet. Maybe after I go through all the menu I will let you know. 

Becks Prime's fries are made from fresh cut potatoes that are fried with some of the skin on. They are crunchy and salty and addictive.  It is amazing how I can chow down a Becks burger and still have space for its fries. That goes to show that everything from this place is worth to finish at the same time, while it's still hot and juicy. They melt in your mouth. Literally.

So who won in this battle? Price wise, Sam's Deli is the winner, because one Becks Prime burger can cause your pocket around $9. Taste wise, if you want a real burger that melts in your mouth and leave that magnificent after taste that is convincing enough to make you believe that you are one of the world's most awesome carnivores, than Becks Prime is the one for you. 



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