Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Darband: A Taste of Iran

The recommendation for this restaurant came from Mo (short for Mohammed), our car salesman. He is 100% Iranian and loves this restaurant so much. So we decided to give it a try.

Darband Shish Kabob is located on 5670 Hillcroft St. The area is filled with Middle eastern and South Asian restaurants. The restaurant itself was not eye striking, nor was it easy to find, because well.. it just didn't stand out. Darband is relatively small in size, but take note that it is the oldest and most well-known Iranian restaurant in Houston.

The menu consists of mostly (of course) kabobs. You can order beef, chicken, or lamb. I ordered Chello Kabob which was ground beef kabob and basmati rice. It was delicious. My husband had lamb shank and it was absolutely tender. The meat just fell right off the bone. Personally though, I still prefer my Chello Kabob. Not a big fan of the dill rice that was paired with the lamb shank. A friend of ours ordered a good old Shish Kabob that was served with a huge flat bread. Of course, the bread was best enjoyed with hummus (well, that was personally a personal preference, because they had various dippings). The hummus was OK. Rita's Cafe still has better tasting hummus.

Linger a bit longer then you are bound to be served Darband's Persian hot tea in a pot. Or just ask for your complimentary tea! Free tea and good foods all for price that will not drain your wallet sound like a good deal right?


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