Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Dog Park Weekend!

Last weekend was fun, both for us humans and the dogs. Our dogs! Finally they got to go to a dog park! Yayyy!

We decided that our dogs are finally ready to be with other dogs, in an open space, without leashes. To tell you the truth I was a bit freaking out, since I don't really know how my dogs would react to the situation. Miraculously, they did pretty good! They were playing with other dogs, sniffing, running, doing things that dogs normally do. And the look on their faces was just priceless! Looking at them having so much fun was even one of the best feelings for me.

We went to Millie Bush Dog Park on 16756 Westheimer Parkway. They had parks for big dogs and small dogs. Any dog over 20 lbs should go to the big dogs park. Our Sausage is a bit over 20 lbs (well, she's actually 33 lbs), but she still went to the small dogs park. We really didn't feel comfortable putting her with the big dogs. Besides, she's short and didn't look that big anyway. I think I just made the typical parent's excuse to protect her child.


Andini, Sausage, Trippy, and Olive


  1. park..

    spacious space..

    no alay..

    no orang pacaran jijik di atas motor..

    no tukang bakso ganggu pemandangan..