Thursday, March 11, 2010

Toyota Celica for Sale - It's Sold, By The Way

The only thing that separates men and boys is the price of their toys. A Toyota Celica GT that was made in year 2000 was my husband's most loved toy. The emphasize is on "was". Yes, he had to sell the car due to growing family. Growing as in: a wife that feels the car is too sporty and dogs that need a bigger car for the crates. 

Luckily, my husband is the kind of guy that could easily let his "toys" go. So we put an ad on Craig List and one by one emails came pouring in. A lot of people were interested, especially students and first car owners. A few serious potential buyers came and met us to see the car first hand. Some of them even took the car to the mechanic. Well, one time it was us who went to their mechanic, driving 38 minutes down south. In Jakarta, 38 minutes is like a going to the bathroom and back before the show was on again. Here, well.. that means a 32 miles car ride. That is far.

The guy that we were meeting wanted to buy the car for his son who was turning 16 and was then legal to drive a car. We met him, his wife and the son at his mechanic's place in a place called Rosenberg, TX. The day before he went to our place and looked at the car. All the time he was looking at the car, he was also on the phone with his wife. She was put on speakerphone so we could hear everything she said. "How about the windshield? The muffler? The dent of the right side? The title? The AC? The heater?" she kept asking stuff that made us felt lucky that we were not married to that woman. The guy then got really tired listening to his wife's endless questions, he hung up. That was funny.

To cut the story short, we had to go to Rosenberg on a Sunday. A Sunday morning that is, since both parties had things to do after lunch. At first my husband and I were having a great time in the car until we realized that we had gone pretty far from Houston. We took an exit from the highway and the road was getting totally unfamiliar. It was the Texas you see in movies about people living far way from big cities and wanted to just get out from that place and start from scratch in a big city. You know how those stories go.

We saw houses with big yards and farms and cows. Yes, cows! I've seen my fair share of steaks and meats in Houston so far, but to see the real cows, well that was the first I experienced here. When we finally reached the destination, we saw even more grasses and fields. It was actually a nice change. Unfortunately, the mechanic found something that made the family wanted to look for another car. The long drive was almost a waste until I found something pretty comforting next to the garage. There were 2  Volkswagen Karmann Ghias just lying there on the grass. They were in pretty bad condition, but still, I love the shape of the car and it was the least I could see to make me feel even remotely consoled.

Anyway, the Celica was sold last week to a young couple that needed a car with low gas mileage. We miss the car already. It's funny how I can miss the car when I was the one that insisted that it needed to go in the first place. It was a cool car, despite the backache it gave me.


  1. The only thing that separates men and boys is the price of their toys. --> and they're taller and hairier. :p